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Colorado Premier Trophy Hunts


This is the ULTIMATE Trophy Hunting experience! This hunt focuses entirely on harvesting Trophy Mule Deer – scoring a minimum of 170″. This hunt is conducted on EXCLUSIVE Ranches that are strictly managed to produce Trophy Mule Deer. With over 20,000 acres of prime Mule Deer habitat in the Western part of the State, this area hosts a healthy resident and migratory Mule Deer population. We only harvest a maximum of ten Mule Deer per year on this 20,000 acre area to ensure there’s always “another Trophy Animal waiting for us out there!” Many of the animals we see can be recognized from previous years as we patiently wait for them to reach their maximum potential. This allows them to expand their superior genetics before we try to harvest them.

This is a fully-guided hunt with a 2-to-1 guide to hunter ratio for a maximum quality experience. The hunt is done out of a spacious, comfortable lodge with outstanding meals prepared from scratch daily. Our professional guides have extensive proprietary knowledge of all the ranches and have per-scouted the animals daily habits – as well as being able to accurately identify and “field-judge” the animals. Each hunt is custom-designed to meet your physical ability and weapon skill-level to maximize the chances of bringing home a Trophy-Class Animal!

Trophy Chasers provides all transportation (on and off the ranches) and offers an airport shuttle service at Montrose & Grand Junction Airports AT NO ADDITIONAL COST! We highly recommend booking well in advance as we get many repeat hunters on these exclusive trips. All deer license’s in the state of Colorado are done on a drawing basis, however, we also have landowner vouchers available to those who don’t draw (at an additional cost).

We hunt Archery & Black-Powder: 1st Rifle elk season, 2nd rifle combined, 3rd Rifle combined, 4th season deer. Trophy Chasers has had an overall success rate of 98% for Mule Deer – with a remarkable 186″ average! Our Elk Hunts are for typical Colorado 6×6, 280″ to 320″ Bulls. In the past, we’ve had a near 95% success rate, taking only a few bulls per year.

Our Lion Hunts are done with well-trained seasoned dogs and conducted by Partners of Trophy Chasers Hunting. All Lion Hunts are conducted from Dec-Mar unless the quota is filled, and our seven day hunts are FULLY GUIDED. Our Lion Hunts have had a previous success rate of 100% and we’ve taken cats over 15″ every year!


Standard Rate is $6000 for a 7-Day Hunt (Less Voucher if Needed)

Vouchers Range From $1500 2nd Season and $2500 for 3rd Season

Lion Hunt Cost is $5500 per Hunter AND THEY BOOK FAST!


Colorado Premier Trophy Hunt
Colorado Premier Trophy Hunt